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Balls, who's gripping yours?

So… Everyone talks about “slowing down” being in the “now”. “Don’t wash up when you could be playing with your kids” etc.

I want to talk about Balls.

If you feel like you’ve got too many balls in the air. You need to ask yourself some questions!

1. Are you a circus performer? No?

2. Is some one judging you? No?

3. Is there a prize for the most balls in the air? No?

4. Are you in a competition? (possibly?!)

5. Will the world crumble if you drop one? No?

6. Are these balls even visible to anyone else??

So, what are we doing? Do we even like balls?

Recently I’ve put mine down completely. It’s made allowed me to find time to write. I do feel like my juggling balls are sitting in a neat pile, colourful… pleading for me to pick them up and play, all soft and squishy. Comforting.

But I ignore them. I read a book. I take time for me. Those balls are always there. Waiting to be played with, they won’t grow up and move out.

I’ve even found that I still get through my “list”, the washing gets done, the kids get fed, I do my job. Even the extra jobs- the decorating, the non-essential dusting. It just takes longer- but it’s not a race.

But I’m just squeezing one ball, enjoyably.

Not keeping 10 burning balls of fire in the air.

I don’t want to be a juggler, (I think id be sacked if I was!)

I don’t even think I need an empty washing basket or a perma clean floor.

My world hasn’t fell apart by putting my balls down. I like my new slower world. I see things that were a blur before. I watch my children play. I engage fully with my life.

My message to you is- give your balls a good check. Grip them, squeeze them and put the ones that can wait in a pile. Check them regularly.

Tackle one ball at a time.

Your probably not a juggler either!

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